mural finished full size The completed 16-ft coloring page from the Coloring My World event in Roanoke, Va.. 80 people came through to help color this mural-size page.  This community-building project was hosted by Silver Seas PR, in support of West End Center for Youth, Roanoke, Va..   Photo by Dan Wensley of Visual CMG



At the invitation of River Laker of Silver Seas PR, I traveled to Roanoke, Va. to facilitate a community-building art project with the intent to bring people together in conversation and collaborative effort.  I created a 16-ft coloring page for the event, hand-drawn on a roll of paper with a black marker.
IMG_1962 IMG_2132 80 people attended the event, working together to complete the mural-sized page. #buildcommunity

At the invitation of the International Children’s Art Foundation I participated in the World Children’s Festival in Washington, DC. Story below!IMG_2005

IMG_1970 IMG_1983 IMG_1997IMG_1968

An opportunity to facilitate art with youth from around the world at the World Children’s Festival, National Mall, Washington DC, July 2015.  Using newspaper headline pages for the project, whitewashed with gesso,children painted over the headlines, an action of wiping out chaos and violence and destruction with creativity, and color, and messages of hope and peace
The young lady is writing May Peace Prevail on Earth in Sanskrit. #wagebeauty #makeartnotwar


installation, Barrio Viejo, Tucson, Az, Summer, 2013



Ecographia, new works on paper, at Thee Collection Agency, Tucson, Az. 2013

st phils

Ephemera of Spring, Murphey Gallery, Tucson, Az , Oct. 2013





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